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Intruder Alarm System
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Integrated Security Solution
  • Protect people and property with security you can rely on. Our easy-to-use alarm systems integrate seamlessly with video cameras, smoke alarms, home automation devices and more.
  • Our control panels are modern Internet appliances designed to easily integrate with access control, fire, home and building automation, IP video and more. Your customers get complete peace of mind with only one system to learn, use and maintain.
  • Plus, a single system lowers installation and maintenance costs, while enabling more robust security by intelligently linking each security and life safety domain.
  • Integrated security systems are a type of multi-layered system that uses different components and threads them into one. As such, your business is protected day and night by your commercial security solutions
Intelligent Intrusion Detection
  • Intelligent intrusion detection is a delicate balance between responding to real security breaches and ignoring costly false alarm sources. Our advanced sensors provide best-in-class catch performance while virtually eliminating false triggers such as strong drafts, moving objects, and the presence of pets.
  • Overview Intrusion detection systems consist of exterior and interior intrusion sensors, video alarm assessment, entry control, and alarm communication systems all working together. Exterior sensors are those used in an outdoor environment, and interior sensors are those used inside buildings.
  • The main purpose of an intrusion alarm system is to protect from burglary, vandalism, property damage, and, of course, the security of the individuals inside the building.
  • There are three intrusion detection techniques: anomaly-based, misuse-based, and specification-based.
Intruder Alarm & Panic Alarm System
  • Intruder alarm is a system that detects any unauthorized entry or motion into the property and sends out an immediate alert to the central monitoring station which further informs the concerned people, local police, hospital and fire station.
  • Panic Alarm System is to assist in alerting somebody in emergency situation where threat to person's or property exists.