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Networking Solution
  • Our open, agile, cloud-driven networking solutions will help your business to grow across border with ease. Local to global in emerging or local markets, our services will exceed your expectations.
  • Networking Solutions offers IT services that meet your current requirements yet will evolve as you do, helping you grow your business effectively to meet the future head on. And should you run into any problems along the way, our guaranteed one hour response time will make sure that we tackle any issues as quickly as possible, so that you can get back up and running at full speed in no time at all.
Server Virtualization
  • Masking of server resources, including the number and identity of individual physical servers, processors and operating systems from server users.
Migration Services
  • Enables network assessment, Identifying migration strategies, Technology & Solutions guidance, Migration plans and selecting & deploying automation tools.
Server Clustering
  • Increased resource availability with intelligence server in a cluster if fails, the other intelligence servers in the cluster can pick up the workload.
High Availability Load Balancing
  • Designed to avoid loss of service by reducing or managing failures and minimizing planned downtime. A system is expected to be highly available when life, health, and well-being.
Network Security
  • Potential areas that are vulnerable to information compromise or disclosure are identified. Comprehensive scans are regulated to locate the IT equivalent of open windows.
Network Design
  • Strategic planning process will identify how technologies can be best implemented to meet business objectives within the identified constraints.
Network Management Services
  • Network management system to handle a variety of operations like monitor performance, Detect devices, Analyze performance, logging and Enable notifications.
Server Consolidation & Optimization
  • Reduce IT costs with server consolidation and optimization. Eliminate over-provisioning, increase server utilization, centralize server management.
Onsite and Remote Infrastructure Management
  • Services covers network, servers, security, vendor management, capacity planning, incident management, problem management & knowledge base management.