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Video Management Server
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Approved and certified by SIRA
is registered brand of vostok, please visit www.snappy.ae
  • The VMS software improves central Video Management Server (VMS) and integrates related hardware. This highly effective platform delivers data and intelligence via a pre-installed VMS on standard, off-the-shelf servers.
  • VMS represents a new breed of video surveillance components, offering customers what they need to deploy any of a multitude of smart applications over a wide expanse of industries.VMS enhances user benefits, and delivers extensive benefits across a wide range of vertical markets.
  • VMS takes the latest AI technologies to the next step, leading the security industry as well as technology industries in various applications.
VMS Features
  • 24x7 Reliable recording
  • Multibrand NVR, DVR and Camera
  • Remote playback
  • Alarm and event
  • Codec: MPEG, H264, H265+
  • NTP time synchronization
  • CMS connectivity
  • SMS and Email notification
  • Interactive web application
Snappy VMS Live
  • Enriched and user-friendly operator interface to view video from numerous different recorders from a single point. Supports H265 codec format and live play via RTSP.
  • Spot out options are available for playing multiple live view in secondary monitors.
  • Full Screen Mode, instant playback mode are available and easy switching between mainstream & sub stream while video is playing. Can take Snapshot & Triple Snapshot of the live incidents. Then Toggle – Switch between 1, 4, 9, 16 views based on the user settings.
  • Previous / Next view options for the connected cameras.
  • Auto switch to mainstream when switched to single view helps to maintain a high quality resolution in single view.
  • Live view and group view customization(1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 64).
  • Indication of disconnected recorders & camera in live view and group view page itself.
  • Drag & drop play of recorders & cameras and camera swapping by drag & drop options
  • Group view to view video from multiple recorders channels can grouped.
  • Cameras mapped in the E-Map can be view E-Map view.
Snappy VMS Playback
  • Play the recorded video of any supported recorder at single time and supports Pause, Resume, Fast and Slow play. Can take snapshot of recorded videos. Synchronized playback operations for playing videos.
  • Download of supported recorder’s recorded files in simple click.
Snappy VMS Alarms and Events Management
  • Support to various recorder alarm types like
    1. Recorder Online / Offline
    2. Motion Detection
    3. Video Loss / Reconnect
    4. HDD Full / Restore
    5. HDD Error / Restore
    6. HDD Error / Restore
  • View the latest alarms in the alarm window by day or count based alarm based on settings.
  • Alert notification through SMS and EMAIL.
Snappy VMS Logs
  • Can see all history of alarms with simple & advanced search options.
  • Can see the snapshot taken using the application and all the downloaded records from the application in single place using snapshot log and backup log.
Application User Management
  • Effective user management with Add, Edit, Delete operations and manage user role with privileges.
NTP Settings
  • NTP settings for the time to be synchronized in all the Recorders & VMS.
  • One can choose the time can be synchronized with centralized NTP server or the VMS system.
  • The NTP settings will be applied to all the recorders to sync with the configured NTP Server.
Smart Client
  • Snappy VMS smart client available, can monitor live view, playback, alarms and events.
Auto Login and Auto Start
  • Auto start of applications during the PC start.
  • Automatically login & starts application based on the settings configured which makes the application starts to run without waiting for authentication from user using UI.
Recording Server
  • Record video, audio and alarm from devices.
  • Provide operators with access to live and recorded video.
  • Recording server is designed for large-scale video surveillance deployments.
  • Alert status monitoring through operator client.
  • Supports recording of H264, H265, MJPEG and MJPEG-4 streams.
  • Recording mode include scheduled and continuous recordings.
  • Snappy recording servers support to add the IPC to applications & to maintain recording of IPC based on configured schedule.
UPS Integration
  • We can do safe shutdown the VMS, Recording server, Smart client and Recorders when failure the AC power and down the UPS battery percentage based on configuration.